International Innovation Research Institute


The International Innovation Research Institute (IIRI) was jointly established by the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA), and International Peace Alliance (Space) (IPA), which is a non-profit international collaborative innovation alliance that promotes the peaceful use of space technology.

Vision and Objectives

The International Innovation Research Institute (“IIRI”, or the “Institute”), aims to establish innovation centers to promote the peaceful use of space technology on a global scale by uniting scientists, professors, scholars, research teams, companies, entrepreneurs and funds, and financial investment institutions from around the world.

The Institute will work towards the following objectives:

 The results of innovative research from world-renowned international experts and academicians in the field of space and life sciences will be communicated through academic conferences around the world.

 Maximize the transformational efficiency of investment in research innovation and industrialization through the intersection of cultural, technological, and scientific diversity

 Achieve unprecedented innovation and industrialization by bringing together the world's best researchers and entrepreneurs

 Select locations around the world and establish core innovation centers to conduct research and incubate companies, effectively transferring research from the laboratory to industry and society.

 Invest in influential, boundary-breaking innovations, projects, and startups

 Focus on innovative research achievements in medicine, health, bio-technology and life sciences to serve the needs of human health. For example, curing chronic diseases, addressing harmful and mutating microbial research, and promoting food and agricultural applications.

 Innovative application of space technology on environmental science to help reduce damage and pollution impacts on the earth’s environmental balance.

 Establish and unite a benign ecosystem of world-class partners, enterprises, and clients, including collaboration and exchanges with world-renowned universities and excellent research centers, to jointly cultivate a professional team of talents.

 Facilitate and engage in active cultural and technical exchanges and collaboration.

 Regularly hold relevant non-governmental conferences and scientific and technological forums around the world; pay attention to the communication and influence of innovative technologies and important leaders, and promote more in-depth and pragmatic cooperation and exchanges.

 To support both developed and developing countries with the results of innovation.

 Other actions permitted or authorized by law.

Headquarters and Innovation Centers

The Institute has two headquarters. Three core innovation centers will initially be set up in Switzerland, China, and USA, each with a headquarter office. The number of innovation centers or other affiliated entities and institutions on a global scale can be determined and established by the Board of Directors when necessary.