Astronauts from China, Russia and USA gathered in Wenchang of Hainan to promote peaceful use of space technology


According to the news of the China Woman, from January 29 to 30, 2018, the International Symposium on the Peaceful Use of Space Technology which was themed on the peaceful use of space technology and the development of human health and medical services was held in Wenchang, Hainan, China. Astronauts, space scientists, medical experts and scholars in the field of space as well as special guests from China, the United States and Russia exchanged their experience in the peaceful use of space technology in different fields, focusing on the methods and paths of space technology applied to human life and health, medical treatment, medicine and biological chain. 

“International Symposium on the Peaceful Use of Space Technology” was held in Wenchang, Hainan.

All the pictures are from the WeChat Official Account of “People's Network Public Opinion Data Center”

Many participants believed that the meeting would help China, the United States, and Russia to set up a new platform for cooperation and exchanges in the field of space. Participants indicated that they would further promote exchanges of information and research achievements for the peaceful use of space technology, establish joint working groups and regular liaison mechanisms, and jointly participate in promoting the "World Space City", "Coastal International Finance Center" and "Space Medical University" projects in Hainan.  

Relevant parties of the conference have signed memorandums of understanding on continuing to advance peaceful uses of space technologies.

The informal symposium focusing on “peaceful use of space technology and human health” was important news neglected by the Network hot search. The conference played “low” in media publicity, but some netizens were acutely pointing out that the symposium was held at the great power level, which could promote the peaceful use of space technology, especially the promotion of global health.

The astronaut lineup of this symposium is luxurious. From the positive efforts they have actively made, we can be sure that in the vast starry sky, competition is not the only theme, and that the peaceful use of space technology will greatly benefit the mankind.