International scholars discuss peaceful use of space technology


BEIJING, Nov. 19 (Xinhua) -- The 2023 International Symposium on the Peaceful Use of Space Technology -- Health kicked off in Beijing on Saturday.

More than 100 scientists and scholars from home and abroad have been invited to the three-day symposium to discuss the development potential and prospects of the peaceful use of space technology, and to promote global exchanges and cooperation.

The symposium covers topics such as space energy and ground energy, space industry investment, shared space science and technology, space education and talent development, drone development and low-altitude economy, lunar protection, and commercial space industry development and cooperation.

Christian Feichtinger, executive director of the International Astronautical Federation, acknowledged that China has made a great contribution to the development of space technology and achieved many results.

He said he expects experts and scholars will reach consensus on the peaceful use of space technology during the symposium, ensuring the technological achievements benefit more people in the future.